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Our Process

GPSOURCES spent over 20 years creating and fine-tuning our process to become experts in our four main business verticals; design, sourcing, importing, and supply chain management.  Our workflow is strategically designed to provide a fully comprehensive service.  Our professionals guide you through each necessary phase to meet all your production and sourcing needs. 


By dividing our process into four phases, we’ve created a more productive and predictable lifespan for projects.  First, an initial design consultation allows us to understand your concept and how we can help.  Once your product is ready for manufacturing, our elite sourcing team finds the ideal manufacturer to fit your needs.  During the sourcing stage, we’ll often use prototyping and sampling to ensure product perfection.  Once the sample is approved, we begin production and plan its delivery.  You’ll receive the items at your warehouse or doorstep, and when it’s time to reorder, GPSOURCES remains at your side. Our final phase helps lower costs and save both production and shipping time to promote your company’s growth and profits.

Initial Consultation:

In our first meeting, we’ll develop a more granular view of your sourcing needs. We work with you to learn specific information about the products we’ll be sourcing for you. The more data that you can bring to this meeting, the more effective and meticulous we can be with our plans moving forward.  Of course, we will execute all legal documents to keep your ideas protected.  

Finding a Manufacturer

GPSOURCES uses our expertise and experience in pinpointing the right manufacturer for your product. Our overseas team members work alongside our chosen factories to offer unrivaled quality control and streamlined communication. Tweaks and adjustments can be made in real time, and our hands-on sampling allows you to touch and inspect your product before production begins.

Production and Delivery

Once you’ve selected the perfect manufacturer and approved your final product, we’ll handle the rest. We carefully monitor manufacturing, organize shipping, and even take care of customs for your product, so you can sit back and relax until your product arrives at your door.

Growth and Savings

Watch your company grow and your supply chain thrive with GPSOURCES’ timely deliveries, consistent contact, and competitive pricing model. We continue to work with you over time to improve products, lower shipping costs, and stay up to date on all aspects of imports and customs.  

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