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Meet Our Team

For over twenty years, GPSOURCES has nurtured, maintained, and grown its network of top manufacturers throughout the APEC region. Our nimble business structure continually reinvents the wheel, flexing and adapting to meet client needs. We commit daily to unrivaled customer service and reputable consistency. Honesty and reliability is our business’s recipe for success.

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee came to work for GPSOURCES in 2007 bringing years of experience in the music and merchandise markets. Since that time, Jeremy has developed a keen knowledge and understanding of how to access the needs of our customers and communicate these requirements effectively to our factories overseas. 

Brent Lawrence

Brent Lawrence began traveling to China in 2013 and joined the team officially in 2014. He brings years of experience from the non-profit sector in relationship to development and business strategy.

Stanton Lee

Stanton Lee joined the team in 2016 officially and brings years of experience in the technology industry to GPSOURCES. He’s involved with vendor relations, product development, and management of daily operations for agricultural and commercial LED sales.

Denny Fry

Denny Fry came to GPSOURCES with projects in hand and has found a knack for helping others polish their ideas for new products. Outside of working with new entrepreneurial-minded clients, Denny also plays a role in general support of GPSOURCES projects. Developing prototypes, graphics, marketing materials, promotional artwork, and events for both staff and clients alike are what make Denny feel right at home at GPSOURCES.

Alex Hodge

Alex Hodge brought a truckload of knowledge and skill to GPSOURCES. He can wrangle the wheel on just about any vehicle, track international packages with an elite precision, and jump in on ongoing projects to manage them like an expert.

Claire Chisholm


Luke Goodman

Luke Goodman came to GPSOURCES from the non-profit world where he was the Director of Operations for an international company with the mission of using the positive cycle of innovation to fight the negative cycle of poverty. As the Vice President of Finance, Luke looks over every dollar in and every dollar out for GPSOURCES.

Kristin Ribas

Kristin Ribas is a results-oriented sales, marketing and business development leader with extensive experience in account management and client relations. She has demonstrated success identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities, resulting in expanded market share and increased profitability. She was very excited to join the GPSOURCES team in early 2020 as their first business development and sales manager!

Elliot Markuson

Elliot is a graduate from the University of Mississippi where he earned a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and represented Ole Miss as a collegiate athlete. Elliot joins GPSOURCES after he spent time living overseas in China. He brings extensive insight into relationships overseas as well as a proficiency in working Mandarin – Chinese. He has a passion to learn, lead, and achieve. He is also a current member of USA Bobsled.

Kate McPherson

Kate McPherson joined the team in 2020 with over half a decade of custom manufacturing and sourcing experience. She helps our clients take their vision from concept to creation with her love for details, timelines and spreadsheets.

Davis Praskach


Sierra Thomas

Sierra Thomas is a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee with a major in Finance, who loves working with data and numbers. She was excited to join the team at the beginning of 2021 as an Accounting Assistant.

Brian Lord

Brian Lord came to GPSOURCES after more than two decades of owning and operating his own construction business.  Brian’s expansive knowledge of construction and maintenance fit right into place with GPSOURCES.  Before running his own company, Brain excelled in the audio visual installation world.  He can build, install, and maintain just about any project that falls in his lap.  

Juno Xie

Juno Xie is the face of GPSOURCES in China. She started working for GPSOURCES in 2016 and is the bridge between GPSOURCES and our Chinese suppliers. She works hard to communicate with the suppliers about product details, follow up with orders, visit the factories, and helps to facilitate our Quality Control inspections as she is able to keep her feet planted in all our manufactures factories.

Mark Wang

Mark Wang is an engineer working in China. He starts working for GPSOURCES in 2020,He is responsible for the quality of all LED products, and also goes to the US to do the repairs and installations as needed.

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