Finding The Right Product Is Our Specialty!

Cut and Sew products are where we cut our teeth and continue to be a strong segment of our business. We work with our customers and suppliers to assure value added products which include private labeling, hang tags, custom pulls, special embellishment, custom  packaging or whatever is needed to make your products more marketable.

Merchandise, Promotional and Licensed products is a category where we have good resources. We have manufactured products using the Realtree, Collegiate and Nascar Licenses. We produce CD’s with special packaging, leather wristbands, sunglasses, scarfs, chairs, ballcaps and other caps, Tin Cans for commemorative CD Collections, etc.

We also specialize in Custom Engineer products for personal, commercial and industrial use, including plastic injection molding, metal machined and cast parts, painted metal parts, sub assemblies and more.

We provide LED display products to companies in USA.  These products are part of the growing Digital Display marketing opportunities you see being installed all around us.  We are the exclusive manufacturer of the UBER DISPLAY, LLC brand for fixed install exterior IP 65 rated digital LED displays.  See

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